There are glass projects and then there are John Hyde Glass Innovation projects!

John Hyde Glass Innovation has an award winning reputation for taking on challenging projects that even the biggest players in the market shy away from.  Whether it is a glass staircase or a glass pool suspended from a multistorey penthouse apartment, JH Glass Innovation has the expertise and ingenuity required to conceptualise, design, engineer and construct dream glass projects for clients seeking something special for their homes, apartments and businesses.

Why does JH Glass Innovation take on projects of this calibre? For the challenge of seeing what can be achieved through the use of 30 years of glazing experience combined with the knowledge of partner subject matter experts and the sheer determination to set new industry standards for innovation, design and engineering.

The creation of bespoke, large scale glass solutions requires the input of specialists across a number of fields. JH Glass Innovation partners with professionals considered to be specialists and innovators in their fields of endeavour, including an engineer, builders, electricians and aluminium, steel and stainless steel fabricators.  Even the suppliers of JH Glass Innovation recognise that its projects are far from the norm and require the provision of tailored glass solutions.

To enable clients throughout Australia and internationally to achieve their vision for their homes and businesses, no matter how big or small the endeavour, JH Glass Innovation provides end-to-end project management from concept to design, engineering, fabrication and installation. Whether the project requires simple glass installation or the use of a high tech glass vacuum lifter, JH Glass Innovation is able to assist.

Projects they have completed include:

  • Multimillion dollar refurbishment of the North Shore Tower Penthouse including:
    • the design, engineering and installation of a cantilevered glass pool 14 storeys up consisting of glass floor and three glass sides (the first of its kind in all of Australia)
    • massive 19mm glass picture windows
    • all glass and polished stainless steel spiral staircase with full LED integration
  • a one-off, custom frameless glass curtain wall with inlayed graphics in Port Moresby
  • the ‘Cairns City Alive’ project involving the creation of custom glass roof skylights for the local council’s northbound and southbound bus shelters, incorporating custom-designed ‘waterjet’ cut stencilled images